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Available for TV shows, movies, series, radio,… the timeline synchronization brings your users into a new interactive experience. Second screen interaction is coming more and more into the smartphones users habits. Integrate the timeline synchronization into your app to interact with your audience before, during and after the show. Give them the chance to interact via pronostics, polls, quizz, comments, sharing, more information, advertisement.

This can also be used in the B2B environment. For your audience, it’s possible to synchronize your presentation to their devices and interact with them instantaneously. Let’s bring your app users into a new dimension !

Audio Synchro

The audio codes can be picked up by the smartphone or tablet app so that the app responds with an active call to action. Users can then dismiss the call to action or engage with it. It can be a simple hint to access more information or it can be a truly interactive opportunity, seeking an opinion, a rating or a vote.

With the Audio Synchronization integrated , your app will be able to catch predefined sounds and let the users receive information directly on their smartphones or tablets. Give them the chance to win gifts, to share information, to comment, …

Image Synchro

Image recognition is the most effective way to bring the virtual into the real. For advertisers, it is a way to make "multi channel" campaigns and encourage consumers’ impulsive buying. With image recognition, brochures and product descriptions have never been so close to the act of purchase. Even virtual reality is possible with your mobile app.

Don’t bring only static images to people but let them benefit from an innovative interaction. Screenity image recognition system intregrated into your app will add value to your users by offering new content such as virtual reality, videos, images gallery, sharing possibilities, product information, shopping opportunities, discounts, …


Geolocated advertising campaigns are tailored according to the movements of the person. Stop sending general information to your users but target them with a message linked to their geographical position. It's an efficient way to get in touch with the users and to provide them more personalized information.

Bring your app users into a new experience by interacting with them when they enter or leave a specific area. This can be done easily thanks to Screenity backend, define your campaign and select the area where notifications will be sent to users. You will be in a direct relationship with potential customers in a specific area who might interact with you.


NFC, for Near Field Communications, allow two devices to exchange securely when they are at less than four meters from each other. Today we often hear of its use in the context of mobile pant, but the scope of use of NFC goes further this single usage.

QR Code

In the world of interactive marketing, the possibilities are very interesting because the QR Code allows you to connect the physical and virtual side of a product. The brand is closer to the client, and it can stick to his desires. A customer always scans something that he has interest for.

In your campaign, you can integrate easily a QR Code to interact with your audience. A QR Code is the simple way to give your content an added value and the chance for the users to get more information about what they have interest for. Screenity backend allows you to create your QR Code for every campaign you want to launch and link with it interactive actions.