Are you developer ? screenity is available to enrich your mobile app

Screenity Synchronization Engine

Screenity brings solutions to substantially speed up the process of developing second screen and companion apps. Screenity adds to your mobile app features such as synchronizing with external sound (e.g. recognizing an ad being broadcasted on TV to propose a deeper interaction inside your app), bringing content based on a scanned photo (e.g. taking a picture of a magazine, automatically recognizing it and displaying related content inside your app), as well as managing in a smart way other standard synchronization technologies such as QR Code, NFC and GPS.


The Screenity SDK for iOS and Android allows you to quickly integrate with our synchronization technologies. It allows you to add one or more synchronizations (Timeline, Audio recognition, Image recognition, Geotagging, QR Code, ...) inside your app and display Screenity's actions corresponding to the content. It was built to be flexible and adaptable to many possible use cases. Signup now to receive the SDK and start using directly Screenity.


The Screenity API allows you to easily interface with our services, making the management of campaigns, synchronizations and actions possible from your existing back office.


Easy to integrate, Screenity is also easy to use via an intuitive backend. With your login and password you can create your campaign in a few clicks and bring it into action. Each synchronization feature can be used in the backend to create the best campaign in the market. This backend is marketeer-oriented to give you an intuitive and easy-to-understand solution.


All the data you might have concerning users using Screenity synchronization features might be used afterwards. A reporting from this data is taken into account by Screenity to provide you the way users interact with your app synchronization tools. It will be useful to define the users desires and behavior.