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About us


Screenity brings solutions to substantially speed up the process of developing second screen and companion apps. Screenity adds to your mobile app features such as synchronizing with external sound (e.g. recognizing an ad being broadcasted at TV to propose a deeper interaction inside your app), bringing content based on a scanned photo (e.g. taking a picture of a magazine, automatically recognizing it and displaying related content inside your app), as well as managing in a smarter way other standard synchronization technologies such as QR Code, NFC and GPS.

What we do

We provide an access to the Screenity backend to create, launch and manage every campaign. You can do it by yourself and benefit directly from the synchronization features of Screenity to enrich your app. If you want an automated solution, you can easily get an API that is linked directly with your back office. You can create your campaign directly from your processes. Screenity is easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to give a better user experience !

Where to find us
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rue de Mulhouse, 36
4020 liège - belgium

+32 4 268 19 57

contact us info@screenity.io