Multi Sync solution

Bring your mobile app users into a new way of interaction

Screenity offers you the chance to interact with your audience thanks to features that can be integrated as an SDK into existing or new mobile apps. Integrate audio recognition, timeline sync, image recognition, geotagging into your app to provide the best experience !

Get into actions

Synchronization features provided by Screenity allow you to get easily into interaction with your audience. Give them the opportunity to benefit from an enriched experience by offering multiple actions such as video, games, mobile app, quizz, contest, live content, sharing, discount, …

Companion app

A lot of mobile apps have been developed in the last years but we see a new trend coming with the companion app. For your mobile app, it’s not enough to create a common app giving classic contents and information to users. You need to interact with them in an innovative way and answer to their needs by giving personalised and targeted information. By integrating Screenity synchronization tools, people use their app as a companion in their daily life.


Integrate Screenity technologies into your app via an SDK. You don’t need another app to integrate it. Screenity is available as an SDK to make the integration really easy for you.

Android / iOS / Windows

Screenity features are available on iOS and Android. So don’t hesitate and integrate it into your app no matters the OS.


Easy to integrate, Screenity is also easy to use via an intuitive backend. With your login and password you can create your campaign in a few clicks and bring it into action.


All the data you might have concerning users using Screenity synchronization features might be used afterwards.